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Alexander McQueen skull wrap bracelet. Love.

Aimee from Song of Style. Something about lace shorts that I just love so much.

Alexander Wang shoes?? I love the bright yellow sweater.

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Hilary Duff wearing the Alexander Wang Freja booties. I kind of want a pair myself…

I wouldn’t normally wear anything this grungy but I love the painted blue toe against the black on these Alexander Wang Bette mules. I have a thing for gradient ombre colouring on clothing…and on nails, and sometimes on hair a la Kate Lanphear.

@misswynzie’s post about Miley Cyrus and her amazing way of ruining fashion. I used to be a fan of Alexander Wang's Freja booties but after seeing Miley wearing them at every single chance that she got, I changed my mind. I can’t believe that she wore what she wore during her performance at the MMVA’s, trash central indeed. Not to mention singing Party in the USA in CANADA!

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From left to right: M with the Balenciaga City, R with the Givenchy Nightingale, and me with the Alexander Wang Brenda.

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This is a photo of Jason Statham and his girlfriend, the new Meghan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.